Tools for Social Media Marketing

So you’re ready to implement your social marketing strategy and get your account pages started up. Well, we’ve got some tools here to help you out.

From creating your own social media content to scheduling your posts, and finally getting data that you can actually understand – these tools are perfect for you to get your accounts up and running.


Canva's Editing Interface
Canva’s Editing Interface

Canva is an amazing free tool that you can use to create beautiful social media posts. It offers numerous free templates optimized for different social media platforms, and they can be personalized. 

If you’re looking for more customization and access to all of Canva’s resources such as stock photos and videos, the monthly subscription is only $12.95. It’s a great resource if you’re a beginner designer. 


Later's Visual Calendar
Later’s Visual Calendar

Yet another free tool, Later helps you to schedule the lovely posts you’ve created. It works as an easy-to-understand calendar where you insert your posts and plan for the month ahead.

The free version lets you schedule up to 30 posts per month. The interface is especially helpful for Instagram, but Later also works for Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Tiered plans from $7.50/month are available if you need more posts or manage multiple social accounts. 

Platform Analytics

Most of the major social media platforms offer their own in-house dashboards for you to check up on statistics like engagements and followers. 

They are known as Facebook Insights, Instagram Insights, Pinterest Analytics, and Twitter Analytics. Often, you will need to be the admin for an enterprise/business account to have access to the analytics page. 

These dashboards are very helpful and will provide you with insights about those visiting your page, post reach, and profile visits. They are completely free, the only downside is you have to look at them separately. 

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a very powerful (and free!) tool that allows marketers to track their performance across multiple platforms, this comes in handy for social media marketing too. 

With Google Analytics you can track sources and percentages of traffic from your social media pages to your webpages. This tool also provides data on acquisitions, so you can analyze how your marketing efforts and ads are influencing conversion rates. 

Google Analytics has a bit of a learning curve at first, but there are lots of resources online which Google provides free of charge to get you certified and comfortable in no time. 


Tweetdeck Interface
Tweetdeck Interface

Tweetdeck is a free social listening tool for Twitter (as is evident in its name). It creates a view with different columns aka. timelines so you can track the most important conversations and hashtags more easily.

It also helps you to schedule tweets, and also makes it easy to tweet and follow from different accounts if you’re managing multiple simultaneously. 


Sproutsocial Keyword Listening
Sproutsocial Keyword Listening

If you’re looking for a very comprehensive social listening tool that also offers analytics and post-management, Sproutsocial is one that comes highly recommended. 

It works across all social media platforms and compiles data into aesthetically pleasing and understandable dashboards; you’ll get your most important metrics at a glance. 

This tool requires investment, but they offer a free trial so you can see if it works for your needs. 

We hope these will give your social media marketing efforts a boost! Be sure to find out what social media metrics and goals you should look out for when implementing these tools.