Twitter Growth Hack

The Twitter Growth Hack

Social proof (good follower count and activity) is key to any growth plan, and Twitter is one of the easier communities to grow and engage followers on.

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Using variations of the following method, you can find and engage targeted audiences to the tune of 500+ new followers each month.

  • Using the Twitter Follower tool, follow all accounts on these pages by hitting the ‘Follow All’ button that should be in the upper right corner of any Twitter page (while logged in). It’s important to only add a few hundred each day – and you can always manually add them for additional targeting.
  • When your ‘following’ count starts to outweigh your follower count by more than 300, you’ll want to unfollow those that haven’t followed you back. To do this, start by suspending the ‘following’ process for a few days. Tweet as you normally would during that time, and spend some time liking and retweeting the relevant/interesting content from the people that you follow.
  • Once done, go back to step 2 and repeat the process.This post is sponsored by our partners Wigs

There’s no shortage of Twitter tricks, hacks and tools, but this method has been proven to grow targeted and engaged Twitter profiles.

More Twitter Tricks

More Twitter Tricks

What Twitter hacks work best for you?

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